Cardiac MRI

  1. Assessment of myocardial viability.
  2. Differentiation of cardiomyopathy types.
  3. Characterization of cardiac masses.
  4. Hemodynamic assessment of congenital heart diseases (pre and post-operative).
  5. Vascular wall assessment.
  6. Quantification of iron deposition in myocardium, liver and pancreas.
  7. Valvular heart diseases.
Patients with ischemic heart diseases, congenital heart diseases, heart failure, vasculitis, thalassemia patients
  • MRI incompatible pacemaker
  • eGFR < 60 ml/ kg/ 1.73 m2 for contrast studies.
  • Cochlear implants and LVAD
Stress cardiac MRI to detect the stress induced ischemia.
  • Fasting 4-6 hours before the procedure
  • Serum creatinine
  • Stopping of hypertension and ischemic medications before stress studies for 48 hours
  • The patient lays for about 45-60 minutes in the magnetic field.
  • • Contrast materials may be injected.
Mohandesin, Heliopolice and Nasr city branches
It is advised to drink a plenty of fluids after contrast administration unless fluid balance is prescribed
Cardiac arrhythmias and hypertension in stress studies