A set of high-quality muscle mass

Yes, yes, it is high–quality muscle mass – without water! When using Jintropin, Starex, Highgetropin and other STH, the fastest possible burning of adipose tissues occurs. Somatotropin is also important for bones, because they will grow and strengthen. The course of somatropin for rejuvenation and improvement of their appearance, which is used by many movie stars, allows you to bring the desired result closer and make training more effective. 

Most often, GH (short for growth hormone) is produced in China and, despite well-established opinions, Asian products are of good quality. Make your workouts more effective without extra large expenses – start right now! Somatotropin differs from other pharmacological agents in the absence of side effects, and this is its main advantage. Simultaneously with the formation of relief and fat burning, you will be able to build high-quality muscle mass. By the link https://italiafarmaci.com/categorie/ormoni-della-crescita/ you can find a wide range of Growth Hormone from the best manufacturers.

How to take growth hormone correctly?

You buy the most ordinary insulin syringe at the pharmacy. Next, insert the needle for the entire length into the fat fold of the abdomen and squeeze out the entire substance of somatropin with a piston. That’s all. Nothing complicated, no pain and unpleasant sensations. You can also inject intramuscularly, for example in: deltas, biseps, triceps, quadras, calves, trapezoids. The needle from such a syringe is so thin that the injection of somatropin will be comparable to a mosquito bite with only one difference, it will not itch after the injection).  Putting GR is always comfortable!

At what time is it better to put GR

One of the frequent questions that many people ask: at what time is it better to put Growth Hormone? There are a lot of disputes and opinions when it is better. Morning, at night, in the afternoon, before meals, 2 hours after meals, etc. GR and insulin have the same receptors and many believe that you need to put before meals. Adherents of this theory usually put in the morning after sleep, or at night after 3 hours of fasting. Those who adhere to the theory of exogenous GR do not sweat at all and put it when it is convenient for them.

We still want to get a bigger surplus from GR and the best time to use it is when our body is in the stage of catabolism. Namely, after sleep, when the body was starving for 7-8 hours. After training, when we were subjected to strength, anaerobic or other loads.

Somatropin solo course

With a solo course of somatropin, it must be administered daily (the recommended dosage is 5 units). If no side effects have appeared for 14 days, then feel free to increase to 10 units (in this case, you need to do two injections a day of 5 units). To get the maximum effect, GR should be administered on an empty stomach, half an hour or an hour before meals. The duration of admission is from three months to six months. We recommend using GR according to the above scheme, as well as combining it with other types of pharmacology additionally, for the best effect.

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