I131 Diagnostic Whole Body Scan

Assessment and follow-up of thyroid cancer after total thyroidectomy.
Patients with differentiated thyroid cancer.
Serum thyroglobulin.Neck ultrasound.
Fasting 4 hours before drinking iodine .Stop eltroxin 21 days before the study.Low iodine diet 1 week before the study.
Patient will drink a small dose of radioactive iodine about 5mCi.Imaging will be after 2 days from drinking the iodine.You will lie flat on your back under gamma camera and whole body scan will be acquired.Imaging will last for 20 minutes.
At our branches in Mohnadessen, Heliopolis and New Cairo.
Proper hydration and frequent voiding with proper flushing and proper hand washing.Avoid pregnant women, infant and children for 5-7 days.Avoid public transportation after administration the radioactive material.Try to remain 1 meter away from other persons and avoid close contact with other for 5-7 days.